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Film Connection

Connecting us to eachother and the Industry

Film Connection for the Wanna-be's and the Pro's
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Welcome to my new community.

It is still new so be patient.

This community was created to connect people in Toronto and accross Canada in the film industry. Specifically those, like me, who are just starting out. This community should be used as a resource for information on Festivals, film shoots, and everything related to the Industry. As well as your personal experiences.

Please use this community to share information on starting your careers as well as giving eachother the oprotunity to work together on projects.


1) Do onto others as they would do onto you. This means repect people.

2) For longer entries please use an lj-cut. This is just considerate to those who have this community listed on thier friends list.

3) This communities intent is to help people who are serious about working on any level in the film industry...please keep that in mind. You can still post personal entries but they must be related to your life with Film.

Well that is all for now. When I get the chance I will update and fix this place up good!!!


Rachel Osolen

My personal journal is xballisticx.