BâLLï§tï© (ballistic_angel) wrote in film_connection,

Some More Information on my Project

In the 25 years since the conceptualized birth of EWA the building blocks have been planned and laid by an enormous number of people with such varied backgrounds. At the anniversary celebrations in October we will present a short documentary representing the women and men that have founded, built, supported and learned from the organization that is Education Wife Assault.
We will present to you a video instillation that you may enjoy at your leisure. In the tradition of opening doors, minds and hearts, our goal is to bring together the people that have withstood the growing pains to end the pain of violence against women.
Over the next weeks contacts are being made to interview those who have planted the seeds, cried the tears, and shone their rays of light to make EWA what it is today. We will collect their stories as a part of an ongoing archive for future generations to see the dedicated people who have made, and been effected by, this strong organization.
If you have queries or would like to become involved in the project please contact Renee at pilgrimsrun@yahoo.ca, Rachel Osolen at rachel_osolen@hotmail.com, or contact the Education Wife Assault office.
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