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First of all, I'm new here so howdy. I'm from Sydney, Australia and have been studying film for about four years now at school (I just graduated the other day actually), and have spent all of this year working on my own six minute art film. I love all aspects of film, filmmaking and video so I guess I've come to the right place.

The reason I'm posting though is for a competition my friends and I are entering. We've made an incredibly short two minute film called "Funniest Cult Videos", and we have to basically show it around to as many people as we can to win the competition. Since you're all film fans, I'd appreciate it if you would go to the link below and check it out...
We only had about two and a half hours to shoot it, it was pissing down with rain and hail, and so we basically threw this together really hurridly... and it shows.

Sorry, I realise these posts are really annoying, and I swear I'm not usually such a pain in the ass.
If you go to the link below please reply to this comment... cheers.

Thanks again!



Hey all!

...ran across your community and thought I'd join.

My name is Bastian. Professionally, I'm a costume designer, makeup artist, graphic artist, musician and DJ. I currently live and work in Rochester, New York... just a short ferry ride from TO. Most of my work has been in the club scene and for theatrical stage productions, but my goal is to get into film. There's a short list of my projects from the last year under the cut.

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Had my end-of-year screening yesterday.
It went fairly well.
I didn't get the reactions I was expecting, but I guess I should have known that people wouldn't find a witty period piece extrordinarily funny, considering the film about drunken frat boys had the best reaction.

Oh, xballisticx, my film was right after the one you left during ;)
But that's okay. I'm getting it ripped on dvd soon enough. :D
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Hi I'm Debbie, and here's a short little introduction:

I'm currently in film school, about to graduate in 5 weeks. I'm not from Canada, but I will be relocating to my home in Central New York. (Not too far from Toronto, I've made the trip many times.)

I've covered all aspects of film making at school, and can do it all to some extent. I enjoy set design & construction, most of all. That's what I plan to gear my career towards.

I wish you all luck on your future/current projects.
Talk to ya soon!
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Some More Information on my Project

In the 25 years since the conceptualized birth of EWA the building blocks have been planned and laid by an enormous number of people with such varied backgrounds. At the anniversary celebrations in October we will present a short documentary representing the women and men that have founded, built, supported and learned from the organization that is Education Wife Assault.
We will present to you a video instillation that you may enjoy at your leisure. In the tradition of opening doors, minds and hearts, our goal is to bring together the people that have withstood the growing pains to end the pain of violence against women.
Over the next weeks contacts are being made to interview those who have planted the seeds, cried the tears, and shone their rays of light to make EWA what it is today. We will collect their stories as a part of an ongoing archive for future generations to see the dedicated people who have made, and been effected by, this strong organization.
If you have queries or would like to become involved in the project please contact Renee at, Rachel Osolen at, or contact the Education Wife Assault office.

Screams into Abyss

Well I start filming in August. We are in need of an editor. I know Steve has shown interest in helping out so I will discuss this further with the director.

I wish I had more to update on...soon my pets..soon!!!

I will be starting the story editing on two of my friends scripts, he is writing horror movies. From what he has pitched to me they sound incredible.

One movie we are filming together [I get the directors chair on this one] is located mainly at his fathers country house up north. Which means free room and board, lots of booze, no permits needed and a shoot to remember.

I am fully confident once we get the script written and the time booked this movie will end up to be cult classic worthy. My friend has a very good grasp on creating stories which scare us and he is talented with fx makeup.

I will keep both of you [we are so tiny right now!] informed.

I also encourage you to post anything film related on this site. We need to start building this emptiness into something!!!!!!!


more later....
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Just part of the project I am working on right now

Education Wife Assault Installment

Education Wife Assault is celebrating 25 years of valuable services educating women and girls to prevent violence and abuse. For this event we will be showing a short 5-7 minute installment reflecting on the past 25 dedicated years of service EWA has contributed to Ontario’s diverse communities.

The installment will include interviews with former and current staff, founders, volunteers, and the women who have benefited from their services. It will also include a photo montage of the past 25 years as well as other creative visuals and sound to celebrate Education Wife Assault. There will also be captions for the hearing impaired so everyone can enjoy this piece.

Education Wife Assault is a registered, non-profit charity organization which educates in how to identify, prevent, and deal with woman assault and the effects on children. Education Wife Assault has developed 600 diverse workshops, consultations, and training sessions for educators, professionals in health and justice, service providers, women, men and families, as well as providing life saving information to abused women and the community. EWA also responds to the needs of women in crisis by providing educational resources and materials to help them get access to the help and support they need. EWA is constantly growing to meet today’s diverse world of different communities and varied disabilities. With a large resource of information both in texts and workshops and an informative web site,, EWA continues to help and support thousands of women and children across Ontario.
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