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Just part of the project I am working on right now

Education Wife Assault Installment

Education Wife Assault is celebrating 25 years of valuable services educating women and girls to prevent violence and abuse. For this event we will be showing a short 5-7 minute installment reflecting on the past 25 dedicated years of service EWA has contributed to Ontario’s diverse communities.

The installment will include interviews with former and current staff, founders, volunteers, and the women who have benefited from their services. It will also include a photo montage of the past 25 years as well as other creative visuals and sound to celebrate Education Wife Assault. There will also be captions for the hearing impaired so everyone can enjoy this piece.

Education Wife Assault is a registered, non-profit charity organization which educates in how to identify, prevent, and deal with woman assault and the effects on children. Education Wife Assault has developed 600 diverse workshops, consultations, and training sessions for educators, professionals in health and justice, service providers, women, men and families, as well as providing life saving information to abused women and the community. EWA also responds to the needs of women in crisis by providing educational resources and materials to help them get access to the help and support they need. EWA is constantly growing to meet today’s diverse world of different communities and varied disabilities. With a large resource of information both in texts and workshops and an informative web site, www.womanabuseprevention.com, EWA continues to help and support thousands of women and children across Ontario.
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